Our Mission :

We provide medical, social, and educational services to Korean Americans and others in order to promote their participation and contribution to America in the spirit of Dr. Philip Jaisohn, a pioneer, true patriot, and loyal citizen of America and Korea.

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Our History :

The Philip Jaisohn  Memorial Foundation was founded in 1975 as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Named after Dr. Philip Jaisohn, the first Korean who obtained an MD in America, the Foundation originally started with a medical clinic to assist Korean immigrants with their medical needs in America.  As the number of immigrants increased over subsequent years, the Foundation  expanded its scope of services greatly to include a variety of social services, educational and cultural programs designed to meet the growing needs of the Korean-American community.

In 1986, the Foundation acquired the Jaisohn House in Media, PA where Dr. Philip Jaisohn lived from 1925 to 1951. The home was renovated it and opened to the public in 1990 as the Jaisohn House Museum. This beautiful home has been a “must-visit” place for 2nd generation of Korean-Americans as well as many visitors from Korea. The more we learn about who Dr. Philip Jaisohn was and what he had achieved, both in Korea and in America, we recognize that he, indeed, becomes the source of our inspiration, pride and confidence.

The Jaisohn Foundation offers a number of scholarship opportunities each year. The primary recipients are promising college students excelling in their studies in the fields of medicine, social service, journalism, and patient care, who also exhibit financial need.

The Foundation also offers many types of promotional events in honor of Dr. Philp Jaisohn, including special lectures and seminars.

Focusing on the problems of the vulnerable Korean-American seniors in the community particularly since 2009, the Foundation has established and operated home care services to help those seniors who are disabled and homebound. These services allow them to stay in their own homes with dignity, while being cared for by trained caregivers who possess a full understanding of cultural and language barriers.


Our Affiliations :

We are proud of our affiliations with the following organizations.


American Cancer Society







American Cancer Society



Alzheimer’s Association

The Alzheimer’s Association is the world’s leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer’s care, support and research.


Hepatitis B Foundation

Hepatitis B Foundation






The Hepatitis B Foundation is a national non-profit organization dedicated to finding a cure and improving the quality of life of those affected by Hepatitis B.



Center for Asian Health, Temple University

Center for Asian Health is part of Temple University’s College of Health Professions. Established in 2000, the Center is one of the first in the nation dedicated to reducing cancer and other health disparities among Asian Americans.



The van Ameringen Foundation

The van Ameringen Foundation is a private grant making foundation located in New York City. The Foundation was established by Arnold Louis van Ameringen in 1950 and received its assets from him during his lifetime and at his death in 1966 and from his widow, Hedwig van Ameringen, during her lifetime and at her death in 1996. This is not to be confused with the H. van Ameringen Foundation, established by Henry van Ameringen.